Target Digital Camera Gift Cards



This is the season where gift cards are going to be handed out by the truckload amongst those people too lazy to actually go looking for something you may actual like, but why make it boring? Target have stepped up the gift card game by making theirs double up as disposable digital cameras.

The Target Digital Camera Gift Cards have pretty decent specs for something that is supposed to be a throw-away item. A 1.2 mega-pixel camera is inbuilt into the card and up to 8MB of memory is available to store approximately 50 pictures. It also comes with a USB cord and a voucher for 40 free prints, pretty generous (you will need to buy your own AAA batteries though).

We’re not talking Cannon PowerShot G9

quality but what do you expect from a gift card (or, better yet, what do you expect from Target? ^^).

You can buy your own Target Digital Camera Gift Cards from all target stores on and off-line ready for the holiday season with a value of between $50 and $1000. I get the feeling that many more people than usual will have some embarrassing Facebook pictures on their wall come the new year…


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