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Modders are an ingenious breed and this Sting Scorpion PC casemod is proof of that. The last time I built a PC, believe me it was pretty conventional and it creaked along (with the occasional part falling off) for four years. Modder Frenkie has bags more skill though and the Sting Scorpion PC casemod is like a deadly thing of beauty.

Made from exposed circuitry and boards, the Sting Scorpion PC casemod even has old hard drives tacked on and glows under UV light to boot. We though we had seen a winner when we saw the Boddaker Battlestar Galactica Case

but this looks like the champ right here.

If you are that way inclined, Frenkie has a detailed log of how he put the Sting Scorpion PC casemod together. Make sure you have all the parts needed on his list plus an extra portion of patience.

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