EV-0 RR Electric Motorbike » Mains Powered Superbike



The EV-0 RR Electric Motorbike is a different breed of superbike. Rather than being a gas guzzling environmental hazard, this is as green as it gets as it’s all electric baby. No Fumes, no oil, just speed and and a large electric bill.

Designed by Evo Design Solutions, the EV-0 RR Electric Motorcycle puts most other electric motorbikes (which until recently have mainly been in the shape of scooters), to shame. It packs a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, forkless single-sided front suspension and twin electric motors to give it the boost it needs to enter the superbike category. Set to debut at the TTXGP zero-emissions grand prix in June, don’t expect to see this on the shop floor unless the clamor for electric bikes makes it a viable product (expect it to cost around £20,000).

The EV-0 RR Electric Motorcycle could even give the motor-terminator

a run for its money wethinks…

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