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Space Invaders Alarm Clock – Wake Up To A Space Fight



The Space Invaders Alarm Clock has been around for a few years on Japanese shores and via importers but now it is available to buy for UK dwellers also (it may also shave a few dollars of US import tax).

You can set the alarm as normal but that’s as normal as the Space Invaders Alarm Clock gets. You are awoken by the classic arcade game sounds of aliens coming down and being blasted to smitherines by a spaceship. Cool.

The whole thing also flashes various different colors when going-off although with you being asleep, we’re not sure how that actually helps….

It doesn’t look like you can actually play the game which loses it a few cool points but for the nostalgia factor alone, the Space Invaders Alarm Clock is worth its $45 ($24.99) price tag. Available from Firebox


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