Sony X Series Walkman



The Sony X Series Walkman has made us fall back in love with the SONY Walkman again after years in the wilderness. Why? Because it’s beautiful in a this-is-how-the-iPod-should-have-been kind of way. Thumbs up for going your own way SONY ^^.

The X Series Walkman even comes with a coverflow-esque application that lets you browse the music on the Walkman. The 3-inch OLED touchscreen is crystal clear and a beauty to behold and the entire unit comes in at only 50mm thick.

On the audio site of things the Sony X Series Walkman also incorporates sound processing that restores missing detail in compressed music. It also comes with a built-in (yes, built-in) noise reduction feature which means you can dispense with battery powered headphones.

Add to this direct video-recording from SONY Bravia TV’s

and the SONY X-Series Walkman looks like a certified winner. The X-series is will be available in 16GB and 32GB versions for an as yet unnamed price.






  1. The sound quality of the Walkman range of phones has always been pretty good and it looks as though it’s just gotten better! They always looked too much like a phone though, where as this could easily be mistaken for an MP3 player. Very stylish indeed.

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