Sony VDR-MC10 – From HandyCam To DVD in A Flash



Have to give props to the design heads at SONY for this new autonomous DVD recorder. The SONY VDR-MC10 takes HD video recorded on your HandyCam or camcorder and records it onto DVD, without the need of a PC.

What makes it stand out from the rest is that the SONY VDR-MC10 is tailor made for the 1080i Sony HandyCam (well, any HandyCam

in fact) and with its inbuilt HDMI out, you can plug it into your television set and watch all your HandyCam videos on the big screen easily.

The SONY VDR-MC10 looks pretty intuitive and is designed with a 2.7 inch LCD allowing you to easily set your options and control the device. No word as yet on price or availability.


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