SONY Pre-Loaded Music and Video USB Flash Drives



In another move to slow down the relentless march of the download pirates, SONY have announced their new music and video USB Flash Drives, pre-loaded with content for easy distribution and the digital age. GadgetHeat

think’s that it is a great idea, although the ease of use of simply switching on your computer and downloading whatever you want may make the SONY music and video USB Flash drives a hard sell….

Pre-loaded video content will sell you back $29.99 and albums $19.99. In theory you’re also getting a free, high capacity flash drive but SONY have yet to revealed the layers (and layers) of protection they will be adding so that you cannot simply copy the content elsewhere and have the USB flash drive used for other purposes.

The SONY Pre-loaded music and video USB Flash Drives series begin with Michael Jackson 25th anniversary edition of thriller now available. For a man in such financial straits, I think Michael and SONY

both are praying for success….

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