SONY DR-BT14Q – Bluetooth Feeling Pink

SONY have unveiled their latest round of Bluetooth headsets, the new SONY DR-BT14Q. The headset comes in four dashing colors, Pink, Black, White and Silver (the manly men at GadgetHeat are quite fond of the pink ones ahem).
The DR-BT14Q comes with built in lithium batteries (usable for 12 hours play back time) and as with all new Bluetooth headsets it supports the Bluetooth 2.0 protocol, covers a frequency range of 16Hz-24,000Hz and also supports A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP profiles.


No word yet on price but going by the rest of the SONY DRBT series you can expect the DR-BT140Q to retail from anywhere between $25 and $50.







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