Shiro SQ-S MP3 player – Charge As You Play



MP3 player manufacturers are always overstating the battery time of the PMP’s (See the Nano Chromatic

) but the Shiro SQ-S MP3 player may be the firs MP3 player that can claim to have an ‘unlimited’ battery play back time.

The Shiro SQ-S MP3 player has a handily placed solar-powered cell battery on the back of the device, allowing the player to be constantly charging, even as you use it. Pretty clever idea.

Other clever features of the Shiro SQ-S MP3 player are the integrated FM Tuner and Voice recorder, allowing you to record songs straight off the radio (is this legal) and its 1.8″ 65000 colors LCD screen can even display the occasional ebook as well as the pre-requisite video and track listing information.

As a finalist for the HKEIA Award (for Outstanding Innovation & Technology Products), you would expect nothing less than top of the range technology but as yet there is no word on the Shiro SQ-S MP3 player release dates and availability. Other MP3 players

need to step their game up^^


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