Sharkoon Rush FireGlider Gaming Mouse » 3,600 DPI & A Paint Job



Gaming mice have really started to take things seriously. So much so that the Sharkoon Rush FireGlider gaming mouse comes with a hard-to-miss flame job, hence ‘FireGlider’. The only thing it’s missing is go-faster stripes and side-order of cheese (not the nice kind).

The Sharkoon Rush FireGlider gaming mouse also comes with weights that you can add or remove depending on how dainty or ogre-like your touch is to adjust the weight of the mouse from from 118 to 135 grams. Added to this is a no-slip grip (for the sweaty lot), a 6 programmable buttons, max DPI of 3,600 and Teflon undercoating for ‘superior gliding’.

A Europe only release at the moment, you can grab the Sharkoon Rush FireGlider gaming mouse over the Atlantic for for €25, the WoW gaming Mouse

has nothing to worry about…yet.


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