Scheu Analog Diamond Turntable – All The Ladies In The House Say Awww



Can the Scheu Analog Diamond turntable be one of the most patronising gadgets we’ve ever seen? Yes (but the Canon PowerShot E1

gives it a run for its money).

Female DJ’s no longer need to worry about being respected for their skills as they will surely earn tons of street-cred when they step-up to the DJ booth and whip out their pink, shiny Scheu Analog Diamond turntable….

All jokes aside, the Scheu Analog Diamond turntable at around $4000 is a pretty expensive piece of equipment to have been made in pink gloss.

If you have that kind of money lying around to throw on what is in effect a bauble (althought it is actually a fully functioning turntable), why not spend it on something with a bit more class like 1000 Hello Kitty Action DJ speakers


Now that’s what women really want….




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