Sanyo R227 WiFi-enabled Radio – Future Of Internet Radio?



The Sanyo R227 WiFi-enabled Radio is not just any old internet radio, it allows you to listen to a large number on internet stations and podcasts as well as traditional FM radio. Plus, it’s pretty portable, meaning you don’t have to be tied to your desk or laptop to stay tuned in to your favourite station.

The Sanyo R227 also allows you to search for your station of choice by country and genre so you can find that niche, Alaska hip-hop station everyone has been talking about…

The R227 is pretty tricked out for a little old radio, it even has an ethernet jack. Added to that are stereo speakers, Wifi, DAP auxiliary input, audio output and a sleek, glossy black wood finish make the Sanyo R227 WiFi-enabled Radio a rather neat little package, all for $229.

Shame it’s only available to the Canadians for now (Sanyo

), but we get the feeling that more radios will be heading this way sooner rather than later.








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