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G5 Aeroplane Deborah Desk – For The Real High Flyers



After today’s little glitch

ahem, we are back with news of this aeroplane desk by mad recyclers reestore.

Thanks to Max, the genius behind reestore

, for sending us news of one of their latest creations. Your eyes do not deceive you, the desk is made out of an actual aeroplane and measures 2100mm wide x 1000mm deep and 900mm to top of glass.

Originally a custom piece for UK retail magnate Theo Paphitis (think rich, then think seriously rich), reestore are now making them to order for those fortunate enough to be able to afford the piece named the Deborah desk.

At £2800 ($5000) a piece, the aeroplane desk is one for you big ballers (and we know you are out there as there is already a waiting list for this baby), we’ll stick with Ikea for now (unless you want to send us one for free Max? Max?…)



  1. that is indeed a desk for big ballers! named after Deborah Meaden I believe who invested in reestore last year

  2. I should have gone the full cheese and said it’s a desk for high flyers ^^. The areoplane desk is pretty sweet,(un?)like Deborah herself i presume 😉

  3. I think it suits deb very nicely. would love to be named after something that looks that amazing – very much like deborah actually!!

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