Razer Arctosa and Lycosa Mirror Gaming Keyboards



With all the gaming rigs we have been featuring lately, we decided to keep the ball rolling and bring you news of not one but two new gaming keyboards from Razer, the Arctosa and Lycosa Mirror gaming keyboards.

Both keyboards are strictly for the hardcore and over-competitive PC gamer. The more expensive of the two is the Lycosa Mirror with enhanced backlighting for ‘night gaming’ (WTF?), cleaner lines and a high gloss finish. Call us stupid but we can’t see anything about those features that makes it any better of a gaming keyboard

but I guess they had to come up with something to justify the $79.99 price tag.

It’s cheaper alternative is the Razer Arctosa at $49.99 which dispenses with the backlighting but is still fully macro-programmable and has media access keys. Available in silver on black, the Arctosa also comes in black-on-black for the gamer who has ‘achieved the art of gaming without looking at their keys’ (not us then).

The Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard is available now and the Razer Lycosa Mirror Gaming Keyboard will be available from December 2008.



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