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Playstation DualShock Controller Soap » For Dirty Dirty Gamers



The Playstation DualShock Controller Soap is for all you mucky gamer types that can’t tear yourself away from your beloved console. We haven’t seen a waterproof PS3 yet but at least the Playstation DualShock Controller Soap will offer you some consolation as you scrub up.

Made by Etsy user DigitaSoap, the Playstation DualShock Controller Soap is just one of his (or her) many soaps designed to look like the everyday accessories used by a typical technophile. There’s soap keyboards, soap mice and even soap cellphones to choose from for those of us who can’t bear to be far away from a gadget, even in the bath-tub.

At $4 a pop it’s a bit pricey for soap but it’s cheap for a control pad even if it won’t stop you getting your ass handed to you in SFIV. You can grab a Playstation DualShock Controller Soap from DigitalSoap’s

Etsy store.






  1. What a great product. Is there also a XBOX and Wii version?

  2. Not that we saw but since each one is hand made, DigitalSoap could probably make them to order

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