Play Tennis Like a Soviet Blond



These days if you’re not 6 foot plus, blond and Russian you can forget being number one in the world of women’s tennis (and if you’re a man come to think of it). The hours of practice they put into their sport would make you cry into full-fat milkshake like a little boy. The cost of employing one of their iron fisted coaches would require a second mortgage at the least.

Fret no more, Sophie Horton

has designed the perfect accompaniment for all you tennis buffs who want to put in a few hours work without the aid (or expense) of a coach. The Mana (don’t ask us about the name) is designed to improve muscle strength in the arms of squash an tennis players whilst simulating a common training drill called ‘ghosting‘.

mana 3

The Mana is attached to the racket and calls out areas of the tennis/squash court for the player to run to in order to hit the imaginary ball. The weight of the Mana can be adjusted to suit the need and ability of the player as can the vocal settings of the call.

No word as yet as to when the Mana will be on sale but with Wimbledon coming up, I’m sure that someone will pick it up pretty quick…



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