Picoo Z – Insecta Gadget


You must already know that we love flying RC helicopters and GadgetHeat

did a review on the whole Picoo Z vs. DragonFly

debate last year sometime. We’re happy to say that Picoo Z have again upped the ante by releasing the Picoo Z Insecta (and your fly swat just won’t cut it when it come to bringing these flying machines down).

The Picoo Z Insecta RC helicopter is freaking awesome to use and can be flown to a range about 30 feet away. You’re going to have that thing buzzing around your home like a mosqito on steroids. The only down side is that flight time from the Lithium Polymer battery is only 10 minutes then you’re going to have to spend up to half-an-hour charging it.

On the plus side, the Insecta comes in three different colours and you can have three of these bad-boys flying around at the same time, giving you your own personal swarm (think Africanized Killer Bees but in blue green and yellow). You can pick them up for around $45-$60 (£20 – £30)

Check out the video below to see the Picoo Z Insecta RC helicopter in action.



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