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We love a shoot-em-up at GadgetHeat

and, in a nostalgic moment, I’ve been thinking about getting myself a good scrolling space blast-em-up for a while. DarkSide came to my rescue and it’s a blast from the past with a great modern day twist.

Think of your favourite scrolling space blaster from back in the day (Asteroids springs to mind), pimp it out to the max and you get ‘DarkSide – ArcLight 2’. It’s made by Pieyegames, an independent video games maker with a great reputation for making classic games (two of their games made the top 10 independent games of 2007


DarkSide is a SciFi 3D shoot-em-up that takes you through 100’s of varied levels of strategy and blast-em-up glory (yes I said hundreds!). The variation in the gameplay plus the gorgeous graphics is what makes this such a blast. Pilot your ship through the solar system as you battle the Krainian Empire in a fight to gain independence for your people. There are three game modes including full-on Arcade mode which really brings back the 80’s heyday of space blast-em ups but in an even bigger and brighter way.




This game is freaking awesome to look at in 3D and with lifetime updates is a steal at $20 from Pieyegames

. You can also download the demo

to see what we mean by freaking awesome!! by the way, the Smart Bomns will make you wet your pants…



  1. Yeah my glory days in the Arcade was closer to when Street fighter 2 was out and about but I still loved playing shoot-em-ups on the old Amstrad CPC 464…

  2. Those scrolling days remind me of being 13 and getting to school later beacuse I was in the Arcade. Love em

  3. Pacman is the only 80’s game worth mentioning and it’s still going. That Yellow bastard has a whole industry behind him now

  4. Just downloaded the demo and it is pretty good to look at but it reminds me of the scavengers game that was out a while back and after a hundred or so levels it gets a bit samey (then again what wouldn’t after a hundred levels?)

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