Phenom SpecialOPS Cellphone Watch – Big Bold Face



The Phenom SpecialOPS Cellphone Watch beats any other cellphone watch hands down. What makes it so special? It’s GSM and completely unlocked. That’s right, you can put any sim in this baby and it’s good to go. Apple, At&T, etc. eat your heart out, you can take your two-year carrier-contract and stick it.

The Phenom SpecialOPS Cellphone Watch also doubles (or triples?) as an MP3 / MP4 player via its MicroSD port. The SpecialOPS Cellphone Watch also comes with a 1.3 touchscreen, has Bluetooth connectivity, speaker-phone, keypad and a video-camera. With all these specs, it puts the LG-GD910 wristwatch phone

we saw a little while back to shame.

Available for $300, the Phenom SpecialOPS Cellphone Watch is a tad on the pricey side but if you think about how much you would you be paying on a monthly contract, it still looks justifiable this side of the credit crunch. The Phenom SpecialOPS Cellphone Watch is available from Phenom



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