Packard Bell iPower GX – Extreme Games Machine



The Packard Bell ipower GX certainly looks the part of a pimped out laptop gaming machine with all its edgy ‘street’ artwork and moody black and red color scheme but under the bonnet, is it really packing the heat?

The answer is yes, sort of….Technical specs of the Packard Bell iPower GX include a Q9100 Intel Core 2 Quad processor and it comes with the prerequisite souped-up nVidia 9800M GTS 1GB video card (yes, your graphics will be very pretty…).

The Packard Bell iPower GX also packs Wi-Fi connectivity, Blue-ray drive (if you pay extra) and an intense 1920 x 1200 display.

Pretty sweet specs if you ask me (and you did) but the question is, when you have dedicated gaming desktops such as the Voodoo Omen

, why buy a Packard Bell who aren’t know especially for their gaming rigs?

Some things just need a specialists touch….




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