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Nikon S60 – Coolpix Digital Camera 2.0

Nikon s60 digital camera

Less is more in today’s world and Nikon have taken that mantra and ran with the release of the Coolpix s60 digital camera

. This sleek point and shoot camera from Nikon looks like a holiday-snappers dream with a wide 3.5inch LCD touch-screen in keeping with the love of everything touch-screen in a post iPhone world.

The Nikon Coolpix s60 digital camera packs a hefty 10 mega-pixels, up to ISO 3200, 5x optical zoom and image stabilization. But, what really will make it sell, is the afore-mentioned 3.5inch touch-screen and the fact that it comes in about 100 colours meaning customization fans and teenagers everywhere will be able to pick up the Nikon s60 digital camera in the color mood that suits them.

Expect the Nikon s60 Coolpix digital camera to retail for about $350 when it goes on sale in a few months and for it to be a big hit come the Christmas present shopping list…Pictures and more after the jump.

Nikon s60 digital camera

Nikon s60 digital camera

Nikon s60 digital camera

Nikon s60 digital camera

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