Nike Burger – Food For Feet

When Nike commissioned Ole Hemmendorff and his team to design something tasty for them I’m not sure this is quite what they meant. The Nike Air Max 90 Burger will be on display at Sneakers ‘N’ Stuff in Stockholm for the next few months if you want to lay eyes (if not sink your teeth into) this design, er, masterpiece.

The Nike burger Air Max 90 is made out actual burger meat, tomato, mustard-sauce et al but after two months on display, GadgetHeat

wouldn’t recommend eating it no matter how tasty it looks. You may be wondering why Hemmendorff decided to use burger meat, the man himself says the meat is “the most powerful, must durable and most delicious material known to man.”

Imagine what the sculpture would have looked like if he enjoyed Chinese food…..






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