My Colleague, The Robot

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is a new fascinating five-part video series from the Financial Times newspaper which explores the rise of robots today and their relationship with us mere mortals in the home, the workplace and the world around us. Forget Robocop, some of these robots actually look like humans. Be scared, be very scared. But can these machines ever truly match up to us? (We like to blow our own human trumpet). In My Colleague, the robot, Murad Ahmad investigates the rise of robots in the workplace today, namely, agriculture and manufacturing, and asks: are the robots after our jobs? Or can we all work together in harmony? Due to increasing customer demands for a speedier service, factory owners are beginning to replace their workers with machines. In the video, we get a look-in into high-tech retail spaces such as Amazon and ASOS to see how their workers operate alongside robots and what impact these machines are having on their day to day lives. The job market is tough enough as it is – are we competing against robots, too?

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