MOTOJEWEL – Motorola’s Stylish Linux Handset


Maybe girl-power is back on the rise but with the girly Canon E1 Powershot

recently released and now the Motojewel, Motorola’s new mobile phone handset which is obviously aimed at the female market, us boys are feeling a bit left out (well, not really but we like to complain).

The Motorola Motojewel comes in a fetching chipped clamshell design with a translucent phone surface that allows you to see the screen underneath when required (much like the LG Shine). Exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse UK

, the Motojewel doesn’t just rely on its good looks, it also packs some rather decent technical specs.

Not only does it have a rather swift Linux-based operating system, but the Motorola Motojewel also packs touch sensitive keys, stereo Bluetooth for improved sound and a dedicated music player button access.

You may be wondering, where’s the girly side then? Well if you can live with oh-so-pretty design of the Motorola Motojewel, you may not be so enamoured with the carry-case it comes with containing a vanity mirror and space for make-up.

Still if they renamed it something like the ‘MotoRock’ for example, and stuck it in a snakeskin wallet, we wouldn’t say no…Video and pictures below.



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