MotoCzysz Erpc » Superbike With iPhone Dashboard



The MotoCzysz Erpc superbike stylishly integrates the iPhone into its dashboard to up the cool stakes by 10. In fact, the iPhone isn’t just integrated into the dashboard, it is the dashboard.

Some clever bods figured out a way to hook up and integrate all the clever wizardry of America’s favorite mobile device (the iPhone), into a souped up electric superbike (the MotoCzysz Erpc). We’ve seen some cool superbikes

before but this takes the biscuit.

If your wondering about price, release date etc etc, forget about it. The MotoCzysz Erpc iPhone superbike is a custom jobby and the only place you are going to get to see it is at next Friday’s (12th June) zero emissions TTXGP race on the Isle of Man.





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