Match A Brand New Skin With Your Brand New Android


Getting the latest in Android technology doesn’t come cheap, especially when you’ve chosen to go all out with the newest Pixel line. Its powerful tech and stunning 5.5-inch AMOLED display — what makes it possibly the best phone on the market today — comes with a steep price tag. Totally worth it but still something that can put a dent in your wallet. You can’t let something damage such a valuable asset, which is why you need to investigate your protection options. Forget about lacklustre warranties and clunky cases that interfere with its specs. Get the line of defence that’s been tailor-made for your Pixel: vinyl skins.

The Pros & Cons of Warranties

Google provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for all of its phones, but it suggests purchasing device protection when you first get your phone. With these 2 warranties combined you’ll have 2 years of protection against mechanical breakdown and accidental damage. Sounds great but there are a few downsides. Device protection only covers two instances of accidental damage, and Google only considers those drops and spills that cause your Pixel to stop working as accidents. If you’re willing to read the fine print, you’ll realize it doesn’t consider cosmetic damages that ruin the sleek lines of the droid worthy of coverage. Last but not least, you’ll need to pay a deductible of nearly $100 for the XL. It makes sense just to prevent accidents from happening altogether.

A Case Against A Case

Protection just makes sense. Only a thin layer of fragile aluminum stands between the harsh outside world and all that makes the XL a Pixel. The Google UI, Android Nougat 7.1 OS, and Snapdragon 821 are just three reasons why the Pixel is quickly making its way to the top of critics’ best of lists. You want to make sure it stays intact and looks good while doing so. How successful would you be if you chose a thick and bulky case for such a slim droid? Adding a case to this smartphone is like fitting it in stone. What once was a lightweight and convenient Android would be a heavy and unwieldy phone you’re bound to drop. There’s $100 down the drain for that deductible.


Vinyl Works

This particular material, processed and engineered into skins that cover this line of Android, is a simple and hassle-free way to keep accidental damage from happening. A Pixel skin wraps around the delicate backing without adding any additional weight or dimension, so its addition won’t interfere with how easily it fits in your hand or pocket. In fact, with its texturized grime-resistant surface, a skin will decrease the chances of it slipping from your fingers. It’s thin enough that it won’t interfere with the delicate fingerprint sensor. Though relatively slim (0.23 millimeters in the case of skins made by dbrand), it protects the droid from scrapes, scratches, and gouges, while covering up any existing damage.

As an added bonus, the vinyl used in the top skins Pixel owners can hope for is the same material wrapped around luxury cars and company airplanes. It will hang on through any conditions and showcase your favorite color or texture. Check out the selection available at and decide whether or not you’re a natural stone or red carbon fiber person.

Instead of paying a deductible, the preventative protection a skin provides is less than $50 — and just once (unless you decide to go buy a full wardrobe for your Pixel). For that small price, you get a lasting form of protection that reduces falls and eliminates wear without interfering with the look or function of the top Android of 2016.

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