LG W53 SMART Monitor



The new LG W53 SMART Monitor have a few neat tricks hidden in the HD touchscreen displays. Chief amongst these are a proximity sensor that auto-activates the monitor controls when you bring your hand close to the screen then auto-hides the controls when your hands are busy doing other things…

Also in the bag of tricks of this clever-clog monitor is a Cinema mode which darkens the rest of the screen when video is playing and ambient light detection for Auto Brightness adjustment. Pretty intuitive. Sizes for the LG W53 SMART Monitor range from between 18.5- to 27-inches and those upwards of 21 inches come in 1920 x 1080p Full HD at 16:9.

The monitor will be available this month and prices for the LG W53 SMART Monitor range from between $180 to $350.


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