LG Versa Game Pad Module



The ever changeable LG Versa has finally made its game-pad module available to buy. The LG Versa game pad module snaps onto the handset easily and can be stored at the back of the handset when not in use. Just remove the QWERTY module and slide on the game pad in its place.

The LG Versa game pad module comes with an 8-way directional pad and four dedicated SNES-style gaming buttons meaning that you should be able to use it pretty much like a Nintendo DSi (we stretch the comparison of course but you get the drift). The game-pad comes just in time to use with the Limited edition Transformers LG Versa phone


The $29.99 is a little on the pricey side for our liking but if LG have the foresight to allow any half decent games to be ported onto the Versa, then the LG Versa game pad module may be a winner.

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