Lexicon I∙ONIX USB Desktop Recording Interface



If you are a budding bedroom DJ or sound engineer, then the Lexicon I?ONIX USB Desktop Recording Interface has just been announced to make your life easier (if you know what your doing that is). Sitting snugly between your keyboard and monitor, the Lexicon I?ONIX USB Desktop Recording Interface has more knobs and switches than you can wave a stick (or microphone at).

All versions of the Lexicon I?ONIX (U22, U42S, and U82S) have USB ports and dbx microphone preamps. Getting down to specifics, the Lexicon I?ONIX U22 enables simultaneous recording on two channels and features two analog combi-jack microphone/ line inputs as well as wo TRS balanced line outputs.

The other two models in the range, the I?ONIX U42S and U82S, feature four and eight analog combi-jack microphone / line inputs, S/PDIF I/O, two 0.25-inch headphone outputs and two instrument inputs.

If all the specs have you drooling, you can get your hands on any desired model of the Lexicon I?ONIX USB Desktop Recording Interface come the new year, although how much you are going to have to hand over for it in hard green is still a mystery.





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