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Lego Watchmen Minifigs » Dr Manhattan Get’s Touched Up



With all the fuss about Watchmen being either the best or worst superhero movie ever made, these Lego Watchmen Minifigs stroll in and steal the thunder by being oh-so-cute and awesome at the same time.

Not official Lego merchandise (yet), the Lego Watchmen Minifigs were knocked up by Jordan Schwartz (Sir Nadroj). Dr Manhattan is the only character in the set that has been, er, touched up a little using Photoshop (I guess if you walk around naked you’re bound to get touched up sometimes).

There’s a few other home-made Lego Watchmen Minifigs out there so with all the interest, we wonder how long it will be before Lego brings out an official set? Lego Star Wars

may have some competition.

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