iPod Dock Light – iDock



As if there weren’t enough real iPod docks

out there, we also have a multitude of concept docks such as this ingeniously named iDock , iPod dock, speaker and light all in one. Designer Sang-Hoon Lee seems to have thought of everything except a more catchy name (iWhatever springs to mind).

The iPod Dock light comes in a simple reverse C design that allows you to dock your ipod and be bathed in a soothing light at the same time. The iDock also incorporates a speaker so no need for external peripherals. For the space-conscious, the concept iPod dock crams it all elegantly into about a square-foot of high-tech wizardry.

No word on weather this concept iDock will get off the ground but as it is not half as wacky as some of the other concepts

we’ve come across, designer Sang-Hoon Lee may be in with a chance of seeing his product reach the market (after all, there’s always space for more iPod docks isn’t there?).




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  1. wow it looks stunning great.i can’t belive it as ipod dock,a night lamp and speaker together.its perfect solution for my bedroom now.and it design doesn’t look like either ipod dock or a night lamp.its really nice.

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