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iPevo P2V USB Webcam

iPevo P2V USB Webcam

The iPevo P2V USB Webcam is one stylish webcams. We usually expect webcams to look functional at best but not the iPevo P2V USB Webcam. Oh no, it wants to stand out from the crowd and is the perfect accompaniment to your IKEA laden abode.

Admittedly the hands-on video below makes the iPevo P2V USB Webcam look less glamorous than the stylised pictures but its still a funky little gadget to have attached to your laptop of choice. Technical specs include a 2.0-megapixel camera, Point to View, USB 2.0 and a macro mode for 2-inch close ups.

It’s on sale now and you can get your own little iPevo P2V USB Webcam desk buddy for $69. Hands-on video below.



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