iHome iH15W iPod stereo – Colors To Suit Your Mood



If you’re an iPod fan, then it’s usually safe to say that color is important to you. If you are female, then it’s usually safe to say (from a distance ^^), that color is actually a consideration when deciding upon a gadget. Bearing this in mind, the iHome iH15W iPod stereo looks set to dominate the ever so tiny niche of color changing speakers. Why? Because it can be any color you want it to be…..

The iHome iH15W iPod stereo has an LED encasing allowing it to change color randomly when in use. The stereo and iPod dock cycles through all the colors of the rainbow (or all the colors of the iPod Nano

) and back again.

Handily shaped with carry handles, the iH15W packs two Reason8 speakers inside its cube form, an iPod dock and a 3.5mm auxiliary output. At $59.99 it may be slightly on the pricey side for what is in effect a novelty gadget but at least you know you can place it in any room and it wont look out of place as eventually, it will change to a color to match your taste….


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