iBangle iPod Jewellery Concept

ibangle iPod Jewellery

ibangle iPod Jewellery

Every other day there is a new iPod concept and that’s just at Apple HQ. That doesn’t stop fans like Gopinath Prasana coming up with their own far fetched (and far cooler) concepts and the iBangle, a concept iPod jewellery design, has been born out of that need to design and redesign that Apple promotes.

Gopinath Prasana created his iPod ibangle as a wearable audio device. It has an inflatable cushion inside the aluminium ring to make sure it doesn’t slip off whilst you’re throwing shapes on the dance floor.

The ibangle has a multi-touch track pad for selecting your tunes and wireless in-ear headphones.

You can go all out when you know the design is never going to hit the shop shelves (isn’t that right Gopinath?). On the other hand, as everything retro is soo much cooler than futuristic design, check out this old skool ipod-cassette


iBangle Pictures below

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