iTurtle, U-Turtle, We-Turtle



Sometimes (just sometimes mind) we like our technology to get a little cute

and the iTurtle by Tiger Electronics fits the bill perfectly. Designed to function mainly as a speaker for an attached MP3 device, the iTurtle also pulls out the funky moves when the tunes come on and its shell lights up with an array of colors.

Strictly for light entertainment purposes only, the I-Turtle by Tiger Electronics gives the SONY Rolly

a run for its money in the the bust-a-move stakes. Fully compatible with iTunes (as the name so subtly suggests), the iTurtle can be yours for the princely some of $46 (4,200 yen ).

Available come February, the I-Turtle may just be cute enough for that special person in you life who has no appreciation for technology but lots of appreciation for cute-stuff.


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