Hitachi Wooo KIDDI au



The new KIDDI au handsets incorporating the Hitachi Wooo 3D screen come with a health warning. That means we have to get it. Any gadget that comes with a warning must be awesome right?

Warnings include: not to be used by children under six and the caveat that you should only use the Hitachi Wooo 3D function for 3 hours at a time. Sweet. KIDDI au

look like they are stepping their game up with their new Japanese only, spring collection of mobile handsets.

The 3.1-inch screen allows you to watch nausea inducing 3D videos on the handsets although, probably due to the health risks, there isn’t too much content for it yet (we can’t even believe this thing was allowed to go on sale lol). Packaged with KIDDI au’s Global Passport, the Hitachi Wooo will enable users to log on to the KIDDI au network anywhere in the world except Thailand, Canada and Guam.

Other known specs include a 5mega-pixel camera and the Hitachi Wooo KIDDI au will be available in Japan from April in three ‘lovely’ colors (see bleow).





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