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Long awaited, it’s finally here, the Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20. A GPS with a phone, not a phone with a GPS and there’s a world of difference. Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1, the Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20 definitely looks the business and with a car dock and quality GPS software, it may just be able to deliver too.

Packed with all the connectivity you could wish for, this GSM phone comes with HSDPA, Bluetooth and wifi so you should always be able to connect to something when on your travels. As the GPS functionality is its USP, even if there is no mobile network connectivity available, the Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20 phone will still be able to function as a regular GPS.

The handset also come with between 4GB and 8GB of on-board memory, a microSD slot able to store the 1GB of Garmin map data the Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20 comes with.

Set to be available later this year, the Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20 handset is one Windows Mobile 6.1 we’re actually looking forward to. Garmin phones

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