Four Ways Third Party Logistics Can Benefit Your Business

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Outsourcing to a third-party logistics (3PL) company can offer a wide range of business benefits, including increased efficiency, freeing up time and reduced cost. Whether a start-up, SME or larger national company, hiring a 3PL provider like Parcel2go can be beneficial to businesses of all shapes and sizes, allowing business owners to focus on what matters.

Here are four reasons why you should consider outsourcing transport and shipping needs to a third-party company.

  1. More Time

Your business involves a variety of daily tasks, from administration and accounting, to marketing and building your client base. To grow your business, products or services, there are far more important issues to focus on than logistics. This is where a 3PL provider can step in, to remove the stress and time consuming tasks of storage, inventory, shipping and returns. After all, the purpose of your business is not to provide shipping, so leave it the professionals and focus on what matters to your company.

  1. Specialist Technology

Handling your shipping in-house requires specialist technology to manage inventory and shipping, requiring money and business hours. Instead, 3PL companies offer a knowledgeable and expert service by constantly updating to the latest technology, meaning providers can analyse their practices and continuously improve their inventory, management and shipping processes. Essentially, outsourcing ensures that your logistic needs are taken care of using specialist technology by industry professionals.


  1. Increased Efficiency

Packing orders and organising small long-distance deliveries is incredibly cost ineffective and can result in slow shipping times. A 3PL company has the benefit of being able to combine your orders with those of other clients, reducing the number of empty shipping miles, providing faster delivery and a larger number of express services. By hiring a third-party logistics provider, shipments will be optimised and streamlined, saving your business crucial time while also keeping customers happy.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

With growing concerns over global warming, carbon footprint is a large concern of both companies and customers alike. 3PL providers use technology, expert knowledge, and many nationwide depots and fleets to reduce materials and combine orders from multiple clients, providing more environmentally friendly shipments and reducing CO2 emissions.

Employing the services of a 3PL company can ensure that your logistic needs are handled efficiently using the latest technology, increasing the efficiency of delivery while lowering your company’s carbon footprint, reducing business costs

, and freeing up business hours that can be spent more productively.

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