Five Latest Gadgets To Improve Your Grooming Routine

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OK, so you want to look in tip top shape all the time. You don’t have the time or the money to sit at the barber shop every day, so you’ve decided you better make it up by upping your current grooming game. Our friends at and us have put together a list of gadgets that are definitely going to help you on your way to better DIY styling and grooming:

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Beard Trimmer:

This is here in the #1 spot, because you may already have one, but you may well already have an inferior model that seriously needs upgrading. Advances in technology in this field are rapid, so if you don’t have a 2017 model you really are missing out. Check out the latest best beard trimmers on the market over at A good trimmer does a much better job in far less time. So get his part under control first and then progress to the other gadgets suggested on here:


This is probably the most underrated and overlooked gadget

for men’s grooming out there. Women take their mirrors seriously for a good reason, and we men should too! Get a mirror that features multicolor LED illumination and has a good functional zoom on it. Also make sure you get a good model where the glass is smooth and undistorted.

Electric Toothbrush:

This is another one you can’t believe you ever did without after buying it. Once again, it does a better job faster. It’s obviously not even necessary in this little article to stress the importance of good oral hygiene, so why wouldn’t you want the best oral hygiene possible?

Straight Razor:

There really is no substitute, in this author’s humble opinion, for a good straight razor. No electric razor does the same job. And when you get to those intimate moments, it’s comforting to know that your partner will not be distracted by stray hairs everywhere; that the picture they see of you is the same picture up close as it is from further away.

Pulsed Light Device:

This is a newer device made especially for those of us who suffer from an uncomfortable excess of bodily hair in all the uncomfortably worst places. You used to have to make an appointment and pay big bucks for this type of treatment at a professional spa or salon, now you can take care of biz in the comfort of your own palace. Well worth the money in this author’s opinion! Sophia from

 agreed “This is great! Sometimes a razor just doesn’t cut it, though it’ll be a big first investment it’ll pay off in time

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