Filtered Cigars – How Has Innovation Changed the Usage of Tobacco Products?

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Regardless of the sector that you operate in, you must have noticed how technology and innovation has changed your day to day processes for the better. This is especially true when you compare certain products from where they were a few years ago, to where they are now.

Like other industries, this could also be noticed when it comes to the prolific tobacco industry. From fresh products to new ways of making them, the tobacco segment has seen quite a few advancements over the past few decades.

Tech is much to be thanked for that. After all, if it wasn’t for technology, then innovations such as e-cigarettes or vaping would not have been present.

But innovation isn’t just limited to a few segments. It also is present and tied to tobacco products that are purely traditional.

Filtered cigars are a prime example of it.

What are Filtered Cigars?

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If you enjoy nicotine, especially cigars, then you must know that they are famous for being unfiltered. They deliver their distinct taste with their special blend of tobacco, which in itself is wrapped in tobacco leaf.

This sets them apart from many other tobacco products and provides them with a premium feel. But these traditional cigars also come with certain properties. These are sometimes perceived as disadvantages by many.

For instance, traditional cigars are large. This makes them quite difficult to carry around like regular cigarettes for a casual smoke. Before being smoked, these traditional cigars also have to be cut. With that, they usually take a long time to be consumed all the way.

Whereas, filtered cigars essentially solve all of these problems for the better.

As the name suggests, these filtered cigars come with a pre-built filter within the cigar. This filter makes sure that the smoker is consuming a lesser amount of nicotine than traditional cigars. This ability makes these filtered options a sought after choice for those who don’t want a higher nicotine consumption. But who still want to enjoy the premium feel of a cigar.

Unlike their traditional counterparts, filtered cigars are smaller in size, which makes them easier to carry around. With that, they also come in various flavors, which only enhances their appeal to those who enjoy their tobacco with a distinct taste.

But wait.

There’s more.

Remember that filtered cigars have also proven to be more affordable than conventional cigars. This is not only due to their smaller size, but also due to the way that they are manufactured. It’s because these cigars are sometimes made by special tobacco paper than tobacco leaf alone.

To add to all of these qualities, filtered cigars are also easier to consume. They don’t have to be cut. And their smaller size makes sure that each filtered cigar could be finished in a single smoking session.

All of these has been possible due to the innovations in tobacco products manufacturing. If it hadn’t been for the tech that made cigar filters possible, then we may not have enjoyed something as beneficial as filtered cigars in our lifetime.

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