Fathers of Technology

photo of person typing on computer keyboard 735911

photo of person typing on computer keyboard 735911

Technology has changed a lot over the years. However, before it came to be, there were people who were behind it. We call these people the fathers of technology. People who were in the forefront of the development of various technologies that we cannot live without today. 

Fathers of Modern Technology

Andy Rubin

In the world of mobile software, the two giants are Apple and Android. However, Android would not be where it was today if it wasn’t for Andy Rubin.  The company Android was founded in October 2003 by Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. 

In 2005, Google bought Android in 2005 and for over two years, a team led by Andy Rubin worked on developing Android to become the best open source software in the world.

Despite the fact that it took a while for it to gain value, giants like Samsung, LG Electronics, Sony, Motorola, HTC and many others soon embraced it. 

Today, we have some of the smartest smartphones that have  best casino sites with, all thanks to Android. 

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John McCarthy

AI is literally ruling all we do today. We talk of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant. This is all thanks to John McCarthy who holds the claim to be the father of AI. 

In 1956, McCarthy was part of the team that believed that, “every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can be so precisely described including south african online casinos that a machine can be made to stimulate it.” This was at the Dartmouth Summer Project. 

John then convinced the conference to use the name Artificial Intelligence. In 1958, LISP was developed as a programming language. 

LISP has now evolved with time, and is being used in robotics, scientific applications, and internet based activities. LISP also paved the way for voice recognition technology as well. 

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