External Hard Drives with Wi-Fi Capability

goflex_satellite_hero_320x340Laptops, tablets and smart phones all have the capability to store information but many tablets and smart phones have very limited storage space.  

External hard drives are one of the best ways to back-up your data

and provide data storage space for devices with limited storage. At 500GB, the latest portable storage devices have enough space for an entire music library and the latest drives now feature wireless capabilities.

The latest external hard drives

The latest hard drives to hit the market, such as the Buffalo Ministation Air 500GB USB 3.0, now come with wireless functionality. The 500GB storage of this external hard drive more than matches the hard drives of most laptops and the device allows internet access during Wi-Fi connection. You can read and write files on smart devices and the huge storage space is more than enough to hold hundreds of films and thousands of music files.

The wireless capability of external hard drives such as the Buffalo Ministation or the Seagate 1TB Wireless Plus means that you can easily transfer files to your PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphone on the move. If you are going on a trip then you don’t have to choose between taking certain media files on your devices, you can simply take them all on the external hard drive.

Wi-Fi without an internet connection

One of the major plus points of external hard drives such as the Seagate 1TB (1 terabyte) is that you don’t even need to be connected to the internet to access your media and files. The Seagate has its own Wi-Fi network so you can stream media files to smartphones or tablets for free. When you are on the go you can often be charged for internet use through your mobile network provider’s data plan

. As the Seagate 1TB external drive has its own Wi-Fi network you are not going to incur these charges.

The Wireless Plus allows you to access and store content on up to eight smartphones and tablets, all at the same time. You can also stream up to three different high definition movies to three different devices at the same time.

Prices for the latest external Wi-Fi disk drives are priced between £100 and £150. If you do need a lot of additional storage space for media files and need to transfer files easily on the go then the latest Wi-Fi external drives are well worth the money.


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