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EXILIM Ketai W63CA Released – 8.1 Mega-Pixel Phone



Ever since Samsung raised the stakes by introducing 8 mega-pixels on its cell phones, it was only a matter of time before the others followed and Casio and AU have finally got their act together to release the EXILIM Ketai W63CA 8.1Mpix camera phone in Japan.

The EXILIM Ketai W63CA comes with wide-angle and 9 point auto-focus. The camera phone also comes with a decent sized (480×800) 3.1 inch WVGA screen.

Available in some ‘interesting’ colors (which remind us of the SONY DSC-T700

funnily enough), including a rusty brown that tries to pass itself off as champagne, garish pink and a lovely off-lime green, the EXILIM Ketai W63CA camera phone is available in Japan from next month.


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