Eight life hacks to improve your memory

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It said that whoever controls the information, controls the world. But even if world domination is not on your to-do list, learning how to improve your memory is still useful. Every single day we get overwhelmed with information and have to remember every piece of it. Having a good memory is necessary for everybody: from pupils and students for memorizing new material, to businessmen who struggle with everyday meetings. Here are eight life hacks that can help you improve your memory skills. We have gathered this information thanks to our friends from the best dating website for over 50.

Move more

Sports activities, walking, and even a small jog down the subway escalator will do the trick. Physical activity improves blood circulation in your internal organs and the brain and helps you stay fit. Find a new route from your office to the subway station, from your home to the supermarket. It has to be longer that the previous one, so you could make at least 10 thousand steps every day. Besides, a new route means having new emotions and memories.

Learn foreign languages

Even doctors recommend this method as a way of preventing Alzheimer’s disease. This life hack kills two birds with one stone. By learning a foreign language, preferably a little more complicated than your native one, you’re not only training the memory but also broadening your horizons. You’ll be able to go on a vacation to other countries to practice a language and find new friends.

Read more


You don’t need to buy books, read online for free. The main thing is to read books, and not your colleagues’ posts on social networks. This method not only helps to strengthen memory but also improves logical thinking skills, imagination and expands your vocabulary. At first, you need to remember the names of all the characters of the story. By the way, reading poetry is also beneficial, especially if you learn poems by heart. Remember your school years, take a dusty book off the shelf and start reading.

Solve crossword puzzles

Of course, a crossword puzzle is not always at hand. In any case, the Internet contains a lot of them, and they are ready to be solved. You can even go even further and make one yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new hobby and strengthen your memory at the same time.

Walk with your eyes closed

For safety reasons do it at home. It may seem that you know every little detail of your room, but you don’t. Test yourself. Try to define the distance from the fridge to the couch, that way you’ll make your brain work more actively.

Do not stick to diets

We’re not talking about diets, prescribed by a doctor. We are talking about rigid, senseless and merciless mono diets, practiced by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. Sad but true: constant hunger strikes make your memory work a lot worse. That’s why it’s important to choose ration wisely and eat the right food. According to scientists, fresh carrots, avocados, cheese, cereals, and legumes have an impact on our memory.

Collect impressions


As you know, not only fragile, romantic-minded young ladies kept diaries. Many great politicians, writers, and musicians did it. You may regularly update the status on social networks, but it can’t compare with keeping a paper diary, to which you can entrust all the emotions and feelings. It’s an opportunity to remember all important events and, as a result, recall them to the smallest detail. Try to write only about your positive memories.

Listen to music

Music has beneficial effects on the speed of thinking and long-term memory. Jazz and classical music affect our brain more than other genres. They change our psychoemotional background. To test it, simply turn off the sound when watching a horror movie and it will turn into a thriller. Or it will become less scary.

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