Demy Touchscreen Recipe Box » Kitchen kindle



The Demy Touchscreen Recipe Box looks like something Gordon Ramsey could put his signature on and sell about a million. The Demy electronic Recipe Box stores all your favourite recipes in a wipe-clean electronic reader so you will never forget how to make mama’s special bolognaise again.

The Demy Touchscreen Recipe Box can store up to 2500 recipes (enough for a few editions of Jamie’s, Delia’s and Martha Stewart’s cookbooks put together) and has a splash-poof 5×7″ touchscreen enabling you to scroll easily and navigate the screen. The downside is that it can only sync with website to download recipes via USB and cannot display pictures (bummer when you want to get some inspiration going).

This tidy little kitchen gadget will be available come May for a rather Kindle-like $300 (Kindle in looks, Kindle

in price). If your mama is gadget-savvy, the Demy Touchscreen Recipe Box could make a cute little mothers day gift, hmm?

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