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Darth Vader Radio and CD Player – The Force On 102.0


Does the Darth Vader Radio and CD Player cheapen the legacy of Star Wars or just add to the crazed Star Wars fan need to collect everything force related? Whatever, in any case the Darth Vader Radio and CD Player looks pretty cool when you switch it on and get the full benefit of Vaders death stare (scary).

Tech wise the Darth Vader Radio and CD Player is quite basic. Just a simple AM/FM radio with an inbuilt CD player, nothing special apart from the fact that its all lodged insider bad-old Vaders brain. You can also hook up your MP3 player to a jack hidden somewhere on Darth Vaders dome.

The coolest aspect is the way Vaders eyes light up when a CD is inserted. You can see the disc spinning throw the glowing red bulbs.

Die-hard Star Wars fans can pick up the Darth Vader Radio and CD Player from Amazon

for 60 EUROS ($88). If you like cheesy movie-memrobila in general, you should also check out the Terminator Exoskeleton Skull DVD player

and put it next to Darth to see who’s scarier….







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