Cool Apps for Your Smartphone

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Software developers are releasing cool apps every day. Some of these apps are just average while some are bite-sized, fun, cool, and gives you the rush. We really love the fact that developers are going out of their way in order to give users some mind-blowing apps. In this post, we focus on the cool must-have apps for your smartphone. These rise above the rest and are incredibly useful. Before we give you the list, we suggest that you remember to download some gaming apps, like Meilleur casino en ligne français apps. Gaming apps will help you to relax and refresh your mind. 


In essence, Waze combines the mentality of Twitter with the geography of Google Maps. This navigational tools show you the other users that are on the highway. Also, the app will let you know if there are any accidents on the road, as well as any speed traps. This will surely make your trip smoother. 

Photoshop Fix

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We really think that Adobe Photoshop is overkill for people who shoot casually. Really, they don’t need to add any layers, rasterize a photo or any of that complicated stuff. Casual shooters just want to do simple tasks like retouch the photo or change the contrast a bit. This is where Photoshop Fix comes in. the app lets you add colour automatically, or remove an entire chunk of a photo. Quite simple, quick and handy!


Social media is the best way to reach your audience. However, coming up with the right tweets or posts can really be time consuming. This app will let you orchestrate all your post from just one dashboard. Furthermore, it will schedule the posts according to date and time. Campaign managers will really love this app, especial if they have best online sports betting website that could word on their advantage.


Pact is the perfect motivation that you ned to get healthy and exercise. What happens is, you have to set health goals. If, for some reason, you fail to reach those goals, you will have to pay other Pact members money. Yes, real money. However, if you reach your goals, other members will pay you instead. If nothing else will motivate you to reach your health goal, the fear of having to pay other people money will do! 

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