Color Picker Pen



The Color picker pen is just awesome. If you design as many dashboards and web pages as we do then you know just how useful a color picker program is to get just that shade of lime green your client is looking for. Imagine how cool that would be if you could do that in real life!

Designer Park Jinsun has produced a winning concept

as far as GadgetHeat

is concerned although how you could actually make the Color Picker Pen a reality is beyond us (guess that’s why we’re not in the manufacturing business).

With a built in scanner, the Color Picker Pen can be applied to the object of your choice and then the RGB cartridge within the pen will produce the appropriate mix of colors that match the scanned object. Simple.

Now, if we can make a real life Color Picker Pen, what other software programs would be great if we could bring the same functionality into the real world? Comment below…




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