Cat Paw USB Flash Drive – Cute As A Kitten

catpaw USB Drive

catpaw USB Drive

Who doesn’t like cutesy? I know that some of you guys love it judging by the views on the Hello Kitty Action DJ Speaker

and we’ve got some more cutesy goodness for you in the shape of these Cat Paw USB Flash Drives.

The Cat Paw USB flash drives come in a range of ever-so-pretty designs, purrfect (^^) for the feline lover in you (or alternatively, your lover who likes felines…) and has a 2GB capacity.

The only thing not so sweet about the Cat Paw USB Flash Drive is the price. At $61.38 a pop from geekstuff4u

, you’ve gotta have a whole lot of cat love to fork out for this one. Looks like cuteness comes at a premium….




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