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Casino Secrets: How to Repeatedly Win from Online Slot Machines

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  • Learn How Online Slots are Made
  • Understand How Casinos Work
  • Know How to Successfully Manipulate Online Slots

There are a series of programmed events and actions which take place within the virtual walls of an online casino, that no player has any concept of and predetermines if you win or lose long before you have picked a game to play. 

Knowing about these facts will help you to make better decisions, take the right course of action and to beat the casino at their own game, especially within the realm of online slot machines.

How Everything is Set Up to Make You Lose

It’s no secret that casinos are there to take your money, despite you knowing this, you will still willingly hand it over to them, even to try our method of winning. The difference now is that you will have a better understanding of how you can win going forward and know that if you deposit money into the site, you’re going to win a hell of a lot more back.

1. How Casinos Work:

The casinos are built by software specialists, who often make the games as well, the casino is really nothing more than a shop that sells other makers goods. The management of the infrastructure is looked after by an aptly named “management tool” this controls data of players and games.

How this affects you under the principle of our hacking rules, is that this data stores information on what you play, how long you play, what you spend, what you win and so on. It records your history and most likely what you will play next. Why so it can calculate when you can win next. 

Example: You will never find that a player wins $500, every day. You will find a player will win $500 each month having put in more than the return.

2. How the Slots Work:

The online slot machines hold cached data about you, if for example, you lose Wi-Fi connection during mid-spin, then the outcome, even if it was a winning jackpot spin, would still work because of the programming within the slot that uses the algorithms to state whether you are ready to win or lose. Algorithms synched to the management tool has every action predetermined before you select a game. So, the question remains, “how do you know when a slot machine will hit?”. 


Knowing How to Manipulate the Slot Machines

Everything works off the collection of data, so how can you bypass this? Well, this is where it becomes very simple! The idea that beginners luck is something belonging to only the fortunate, is nothing more than the fact that the casino has no historical data about the player, this way the slot machine will invariably payout, if not because of the lack of data, but because of how the algorithms will kick-in to make the user want to play more.

Here are the actions you must take to outsmart the machine:

1. Only play New Releases because the game’s data on you will be zero.

2. When you win either a ‘BIG WIN’ or win from a ‘Bonus Feature’, you must stop playing and move onto the next game.

3. Once you have finished playing, withdraw your money and log out.

4. Clean your browser history and app cache data.

5. Uninstall your app and reinstall.

6. Wait 31 days before you play in the casino again.

This works because you are keeping the data tracking to a minimal. Ending games when needed and playing only new releases during your gaming spells.

By clearing your browser data and app caches, you cut the ties between your system and the casino’s system. Why 31 days? Because the casino must under regulations clear their own systems once a month to stop glitches and faults becoming commonplace. This then clears your data from the management tool.

The result of all this is that beginner’s luck becomes a common occurrence for you every time you log in.

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